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QE Group of Companies (QE) specialise in innovative engineering, manufacturing and technology. We have invented a technology to treat air as a single molecule which on entering a combustion zone results in fuel savings and reduce pollution. The technology is applicable to natural gas, liquid fuels, LPG, solid fuels like coal and biomass where have been proven by our clients and engineering organizations in a wide range of industries such as power plants, cement plants, ceramic kilns, spray dryers, boilers, gasi- fication units, steel reheating furnaces, EAF and glass furnaces in 15 countries including UK, Ukraine, South Africa, Botswana, Russia, Belarus, United Arab Emirates, India, China, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. The XPlateTM product trademark is being applied for registration in 45 countries.

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Being a scientist and engineer, Dr. Wudh Chayabutra (Chemical Engineering Ph.D., U.S.A.) has developed the knowledge and invented this proven XPLATE TECHNOLOGY along his study and career in the United States and Thailand. It has been a long way of over 10 years of experience and finally results in fuel saving and pollution reduction.

“Our vision is to be recognized as the world leading player in fuel saving and reduce emission technology” 

“Our mission is to provide the considerable fuel savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide”

Dr. Wudh Chayabutra

Principal & Inventor

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